Tesla Services

Tesla model S 3 X Y wheel alignment

THE DRIVEWAY is a Premiere Tesla Automotive Shop in the Bay Area. We work closely with Tesla centric companies such as Mountain Pass and Unplugged Performance.
The Driveway provides the following premium Tesla services for entire Model S 3 X Y Lineup:
  • Tire Rotations
  • Brake Fluid Services
  • Brake Services
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Tesla vehicles are generally serviced on an as needed basis. Tesla recommends the following maintenance services and schedules below:
  • Tire rotation every 6,250 miles.
  • Check brake fluid every 2 years (replace if needed).
  • Replace cabin air filters every 2 years.
  • Clean and lubricate the brake calipers every year or 12,500 miles.
  • Replace the A/C desiccant bag every 6 years.
  • *Wheel alignment service hand in hand with new tire installations and/or if the vehicle is pulling to the left/right. 
*THE DRIVEWAY uses state of the art wheel alignment equipment at our facility for the best results. Every aligned vehicle is subjected to a road test to ensure a proper alignment has been performed.
To service your Tesla vehicle, please contact us to set up an appointment. We look forward to giving you an exceptional experience.
Do you want access cool features on your Tesla? How about an additional 50hp or 150hp?
The Driveway is proud to announce a partnership with Ingenext. We are the only authorized dealer in the Bay Area to offer add-on services for your Tesla.
With the Boost 50, you will be able to improve your acceleration time, total power, throttle sensitivity, and get new cool options! 
We also offer the Bonus module if you only want the features without the power upgrade.
Bonus module features:
  • Heated rear seat control with web application or rear window switches

  • Ambient lights

  • Automatic driver door opening

  • Automatic frunk and trunk opening with proximity sensors *

  • Drift mode

  • Battery pack heating

  • Manual wiper control
  • Blocks TPMS alerts (BLE)
Does your Tesla have a specific driver motor?
Certain types of Model 3's have a specific drive motor that can unlock Performance speed with the Ghost Upgrade which offers a 150hp boost allowing your car to go 0-60 in blistering fast 3.2 seconds.



When visiting a Service Center or when a technician visits your home, it is recommended that you remove the device beforehand. Installation and removal takes only a few minutes. Any purchaser or user of the Boost 50 module releases Technologies Ingenext and all its related companies from any responsibility regarding the full or partial validity of the manufacturer's warranty following the use of this equipment. We are not responsible for any modifications the manufacturer could do to your car (ex: turning off some features etc.).


To learn more about the modules, please visit the Ingenext website:


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