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Haimus Racing E90 / E92 S65 M3 V8 Carbon Plenum

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Haimus Description:

Current production time: 3-4 weeks!

Our S65 Carbon Fiber Plenum must have item for any S65 N/A built where horsepower is required!

Performance Gains:

The following performance gains have been fully verified by our team on the dyno on our S65 build. The results are ONLY concerning the INTAKE PLENUM, NOT the intake elbow. Elbow design was kept consistent during both runs. 

Test conditions were kept constant for stock and Haimus intake plenum, namely -8.03 degrees Celsius ambient temp, 53.4% humidity, 90 degrees Celsius water temp, 93-95 degrees Celsius oil temp

Performance gains were measured without a remap, or any software change!

Our Haimus Racing Plenum showed ~25nm gains at 3000 RPM and a 3.9 whp advantage at 8300 RPM, while showing consistently smoother power curve and higher than stock power everywhere above 7200 RPM. Due to the standard airbox making its maximum horsepower at 8.1k rpm  and then dropping off, while Haimus plenum showing no signs of a drop-off, and actually showing signs of a second pickup point at ~8200 rpm, we have calculated presumable gains of up to 12 whp from just the plenum, with no remap if the engine RPM are increased to 8500.

What you receive?
If you chose just the plenum in the package you receive a fully bolt-on replacement for the standard OE plastic intake plenum (PN: 11617838010) 
If you chose to add the intake & filter system you will receive a full bolt-on intake system with your plenum for your car depending on your model of production.

Item comes with a three year finish and a five year structural warranty for standard usage!

IMPORTANT! Please read!

For the sake of transparency we need to inform you of the following. Please realize our carbon products are FULLY hand made from start to finish. That includes the laying of the carbon, the cutting, trimming, fixating of the parts and the clear-coat. Whichever variant of the item you order there might be some microscopic dust particles in the clear-coat, microscopic bubbles under the clearcoat and tiny pits and imperfections on the edges of the product. With every next tear of finish quality, these will be less and less, but completely eradicating them is not a possibility for us - we are still human! Please keep that in mind when ordering.


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