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Tesla Model S & X Acceleration Shudder Issue

Even if they are one of the cleverest vehicles around, both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X have a known issue where the Tesla is shaking while driving. More specifically, the Tesla is shaking during hard accelerations or sudden breaking.

This is a known fault by Tesla, as seen in their official Repair Bulletin released on the 25th of June 2019. It affects their older Model S and Model X dual motor versions, the reason being a design fault in their CV joints. Because the car’s ride height is too tall, the CV joint’s half-shaft must work at a bigger angle than it was designed for, causing vibration and increased tire wear on the rear axle. 

A Repair Bulletin differs significantly from a recall. The repair only happens if the problem can be reproduced. Not only that, but the vehicle must be under warranty for it to be a free repair.

Older Tesla Model S and Model X may lose their warranty due to age. As such, a known problem with your Tesla requires an aftermarket solution. Otherwise, you will spend an arm and a leg repairing it at a service center.

One such solution is installing an alignment kit from N2itive. The Alignment Kit 1 lowers your Tesla just enough that those half-shafts will create a smaller angle with the wheel’s rotation axis. A smaller angle means less wear for both CV joints. Not only that, but the shudder should also disappear, making your Tesla significantly more comfortable.


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