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Tesla Model 3/Y bushings Upgrade

Bushings are incredibly important to any car, especially so for heavy vehicles or track demons. All the suspension components are fixed together via these exact bushings. Without them, the suspension will perform poorly due to metal-to-metal contact and heavy play. These bushings act as a “pillow”, if you will, for all the arms, rods, and struts found in the suspension assembly.

Any lateral or longitudinal flex will be transmitted to other suspension parts via these bushings. As briefly stated above, they are a key handling factor for heavier and faster cars. All that weight will have to pass through those bushings, and Tesla’s Model 3 bushings aren’t the toughest around.

MPP Compression Rod Bearings adjust the car’s caster angle, which is paramount for hard accelerations and, more importantly, all manners of braking capacity. This is done by keeping the car’s toe, camber, and caster angles in check during these maneuvers. This is an important track mod for the Tesla Model 3, seeing how much weight the suspension and bushings will take during a competitive lap time.

Another suspension upgrade for the Model 3 is MPP Lower Control Arm Bearings. The control arms bushings play a major role in steering feel, steering play, and understeer characteristics. Similarly, they assist majorly by resisting deflection, hence keeping toe and camber as it was tuned. By making this upgrade, your Tesla Model 3 will feel precise and composed, worthy of rivaling lighter sportier cars.

MPP choice to use bearings instead of bushings is exactly due to weight constraints, seeing how the Model 3 is quite heavy by design. Using anything else would’ve been met with early creaking, mushy feel, understeer, and a variety of small issues that aren’t welcomed on the racetrack. Not only that but MPP choice to use roller bearings instead of bushings translates into no suspension play.

Tesla model 3/y bushings upgrade
Tesla model 3/y bushings upgrade
Tesla model 3/y bushings upgrade


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