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BMW M3 E9X S65 Oil Change in 10-Steps

Parts needed:
  1. 8.8 Liters of 10W-60 OEM Part #  07 51 0 009 420
  2. Oil Filter OEM Part # 11 42 7 837 997

Tools needed: 

  • 36mm Socket for Oil Filter Housing.
  • 6mm Hex Socket for Oil Drain Plugs.
  • Torque Wrench
  • Pick tool
  • Funnel
Step one: Warm up engine oil. If you can read the engine level on the dash then the oil is warmed up. Engine oil temperature should be greater than 70 °C.
Step two: Surround the oil filter housing with rags to protect spillage. Remove oil filter housing. 
Step three: Remove oil fill cap.
BMW M3 E90 E92 E93 Oil Filter

Step Four Safely lift vehicle.

Step Five: Remove oil drain plug 1 and drain oil for at least 10 minutes. Next Remove oil drain plug 2 and drain oil for at least 2 minutes.

Step Six: Replace both copper washers and tighten the oil drain plugs to 25Nm.

Step Seven: Use pick tool to remove and replace both O-rings on oil filter housing with new O-rings. Lubricate O-rings with new oil. Add new filter and tighten oil filter housing to 25Nm.

Step Eight: Fill engine with 8.8 Liters. 

Step Nine: Reset oil maintenance.

Step Ten: Warm up engine oil and check level. 

BMW calls for 15,000 miles or one year for the BMW M3 oil changes. We recommend 8,000 miles or one year for the oil change. 

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