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2020 Supra DIY Oil Change

Parts needed:
  •  Fully Synthetic SAE 0W-20 that meets ACEA C5
    To satisfy OEM requirements (and avoid issues with warranty claims) we recommend using Fully Synthetic 0W-20 with an ACEA rating of C5 (or oil that meets BMW Long Life FE17+) 
      • Oil Filter (OEM: Toyota 04152WAA02) MANN Filter (Part Number: 11 42 8 583 898) or equivalent
      Tools needed: 
      • 32mm socket (For oil filter housing)
      • 17mm socket (For oil drain bolt) 
      • Torque Wrench
      • Pick tool
      • Funnel
      Step one: Warm up motor oil. If you can read the oil level via the infotainment system, the motor is warmed up. 
      2020 Toyota Supra
      Step two: Chock rear wheels, lift and support vehicle (4 post or 2 post Vehicle lift OR raise by floor jack and support by jack stands)
      Step three: Remove the engine cover and place it somewhere safe.
      Step Four: Loosen oil filter housing with 32mm socket
      Tip: Loosen filter cap so that it is ready to pull off, leave it on for the time being. (Allows the filter to drain excess fluid so that when you do remove the housing and filter, minimal spillage occurs.)
      Step Five: Underneath the car, rotate the oil drain bolt cover clockwise with two fingers to remove the plastic cover. 
      Step Six: Using the 17mm socket, loosen the drain bolt, afterward use hands to remove the drain bolt slowly.
      2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change BMW DIY how to
      WARNING: the fluid exiting the drain bolt will be HOT! Exercise caution!
      • Tip 1: Angle the drain bolt in a direction so that the oil flows in a predictable path.
      • Tip 2: If using a drain container, the oil may bounce off the container, be prepared for spillage or use a “No splatter pad” in a supplement of a drain device.
      Step Seven: Observe a minimum of 15 minutes for the oil to drain completely. While waiting, remove the oil filter housing.
      2020 Supra BMW Z4 Toyota
      Step Eight: Remove old oil filter and remove oil filter O-Ring off of the plastic housing with a pick tool.
      Step Nine: Replace Oil filter & O-Ring with one supplied with oil filter kit, Lubricate the O-ring’s(Inside new filter & Housing) with fresh motor oil, Torque Filter housing to 25 Nm (18 ft-lb) 
      Oil Filter (OEM:Toyota 04152WAA02) MANN Filter (Part Number: 11 42 8 583 898) or equivalent
      Step Ten: After observing the 15 minute drain time, replace the crush washer on drain bolt and torque the drain bolt to 25 Nm (18 ft-lb) and replace the drain bolt cover by placing it back on the undershield and rotating clockwise.
      Snap on Torque Wrench DIY HOW TO do oil change on supra 2020 BMW Toyota
      Torque spec 2020 Toyota Supra BMW Oil Change DIY How to do
      Step eleven: Lower vehicle back down to the floor, Remove oil filler cap and fill to spec: 6.5 Liters (6.9 Us quarts) replace oil cap, and replace the engine cover.
      Step twelve: Start the car and verify that there are no leaks and reset the In-car CBS (Condition-based service) system with the OBD Scan tool.
      Tip: Measuring oil level is only possible by the Infotainment system, No physical dipstick is available in the engine bay. 

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